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Throughout the Bible we find it repeatedly implied that each individual soul has its tutelary angel.

Thus Abraham, when sending his steward to seek a wife for Isaac, says: "He will send His angel before thee" ( Genesis 24:7 ).

Jerome in his commentary on the above words of our Lord says: "The dignity of a soul is so great, that each has a guardian angel from its birth." The general doctrine that the angels are our appointed guardians is considered to be a point of faith, but that each individual member of the human race has his own individual guardian angel is not of faith ( de fide ); the view has, however, such strong support from the Doctors of the Church that it would be rash to deny it (cf. Job, v, 1 ( Septuagint ), and ( Vulgate ); Apocalypse 8:4).

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But these glimpses of life beyond the veil are only occasional.

The Septuagint renders it by aggelos which also has both significations.

The Latin version, however, distinguishes the divine or spirit-messenger from the human, rendering the original in the one case by angelus and in the other by legatus or more generally by nuntius .

Augustine : "What lies hidden in the Old Testament, is made manifest in the New". The Bible represents the angels not only as our guardians, but also as actually interceding for us.

Indeed, the book of Tobias seems intended to teach this truth more than any other, and St. "The angel Raphael (Tob., xii, 12) says: "I offered thy prayer to the Lord " (cf.

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