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I dropped to my knees, licked my lips and locked eyes on the two biggest cocks I'd ever seen.

They were long and girthy, but the way they were swinging in my face told me that they weren't yet fully erect.

"This is my game face." I said pulling on a ball cap backwards and steeling myself. June and I took the bus to the guy's house, apparently he was some local rap producer with an in-house studio.

We walked up to the porch and there were two tall black men in tailored suits standing in front of the door. " The first one said, looking us over with a visible hunger.

The rest of the ride consisted of June regaling me with tales of the big black bulls she's bedded in the past, and occasionally rambling about her friend Shiloh as if she were a movie star.

"Oh yeah," she said, grinning ear to ear, "so huge." I gulped, I usually got a little nervous before competitions, but this was ridiculous. "I've tried twice before, and I really don't know what to tell you..." She said with a chuckle, "I've never made it past the first room." I could hardly believe that, I had never met anyone as insatiable as June. June took one look at the jersey and sighed heavily.

My Mom thought it would help me make friends, my father knew better though.

Sports didn't make me any friends, but they made me a winner. I was all state in Soccer, and my team took top in our division Volleyball in High School.

I tried to follow but the other man put out his arm.

"Not you, Red..." He said, unzipping his fly, "You start here." I looked around, the sun was down but the neighborhood was well lit.

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