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So I’d say to really drill down into what, specifically, you hate about work and try to find patterns — and then see if you can find work that has only a minimal amount of those things. Nail-biting and job interviews So I’ve recently started applying for administrative jobs in my area, after several years of working in teaching and art, where I’m mainly working independently.Aside from having to update my wardrobe, I have a concern about my nails.However, I have noticed someone has been leaving the toilet seat up lately.I’m personally not a fan of this, and when I mentioned it to other female colleagues, they said they were noticing it as well.

But this is sort of like the long-running battle to keep office kitchens clean; it’s just really hard to get everyone to agree on one standard and then enforce that standard.

And if you are actively antagonistic about doing anything work-related the whole time, then you hate working …

but I think actually hating working is rare, since there is so much room for things done at work to relate to things you find enjoyable or at least feel good accomplishing.

Then I attempted to channel my inner Alison,and I gave her my two cents. My instinct would be that if you take an average week and can find at least three instances of enjoyment during the workday that are related to work, you probably hate your job.

If you’re straight-up listless the whole time, you’re possibly depressed.

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