Dutch dating rules

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The concept of shared space is argued to be a default arrangement ever since streets began, pre-dating traditional road regulations.

Many streets in Tokya are shared but without official policy to define user behaviour.

Traffic speeds also fell to an average of 16-17 mph, according to Hamilton-Baillie, leading to free-flowing traffic and a reduction in accidents and fatalities from 1.1 per year to zero, since its introduction.

"Poynton is not unique and it's like many other areas across the UK so it's an example of what's possible," says Hamilton-Baillie.

Shared streets are primarily intended for more traditional and even mundane locations where people interact every day, such as a local town center.

The town of Drachten in the Netherlands was one of the first to experiment the concept in 2002 by removing nearly all traffic signals with the aim of reducing accidents and improving both the towns quality and popularity.

This local authority made the decision to transition the widely-used space.

"The quality of the space is the central focus," explains Hamilton-Baillie.

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Hamilton-Baillie argues it's not a new concept however, and is a default arrangement ever since streets began."If you go to the center of Delhi, or Dakar, you'll see plenty of shared spaces that are not subject to regulatory framework.But are these default arrangements really suited to all towns and members of the population?"Town and city centers are changing and becoming redundant, you don't need them anymore and so we need people to go because they wish to and feel welcomed." This was the case for the small town of Poynton in the county of Cheshire in Northern England.The town had seen the quality of its town center plummet with increased traffic flow and congestion, closure of retail outlets and a decline in shoppers.

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