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Your requests become that much more powerful when others are praying for you as well. And for the speech defect of my 3rd grade daughter Khriela to be healed immediately. We always remain at your mercy and under your command. Ronald 1/9/18: Please pray for healing for my nephew Terrance, who was in a horrible work related accident. Lesia1/9/18: Please pray for urgent healing for Betty J. Such great ladies but doing poorly; please; urgent healing needed; please pray. Pray that we may attend Holy Mass together again soon. Albert F.1/8/18: Please pray for me that I will not fail to trust in God at all times, and surrender myself entirely to His mercy and Will. Steafan1/8/18: Please pray for my aunt Jeanne to cured their illness and other health problems; and for my uncle Ruben to have a full recovery to his cancer. No matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him. If You deign, please God, soften and touch Damianus’ heart for me, He means a lot to me. If You do not want this reconciliation to happen, please give me strength to overcome the bitterness. That God will soften her heart toward me and put a new love in her for me. Barbara1/8/18: Financial breakthrough; please, Lord Jesus, I need thee every hour. I am a navy veteran and this is how the USA repays my family. They need a smaller home to manage better and work less to maintain. Jude, I pray that my daughter Monica finds a new job. That Leland doesn’t get into trouble with the law stays safe, and finds a good paying job with benefits. Michelle1/5/18: Dear Lord, please help us to get our loan request approved. Michelle1/5/18: For peace and religious unity in the world. Austin1/5/18: I beg for anxiety-free peace of mind, please intercede and pray for me. Please pray for my baby in the womb to be saved from the trap of Satan. Dear Lord, I pray for more togetherness and empathy in 2018. Wendy1/4/18: Please pray for a precious 5 month old baby girl who is fighting for her life due to major heart problems. Heal her and give her beautiful family strength.1/4/18: Pray for reconciliation of our Marriage. He went into cardiac arrest, and they could not revive him. I pray that she is given strength and courage at this time of grieving. That's causing problems in our personal relationship. Help me to support him and bless him to take a stand for our life and courage. Pray that I will stand strong in faith in the midst of family and marriage breakdown, as well as unemployment. Please pray that God immediately remove the same sex attraction from her mind, heart, body and soul, and returns her to me. He told me over the phone that he misses me and wants to come home but something keeps him from coming. Gaironiesa1/3/18: I'm waiting for and needing a job. Jesu1/3/18: Please pray for spiritual and emotional healing for my daughter Anne. She recently ran away from home and is grave danger.

Also, it is a truly divine form of charity to pray for others, especially for those most in need! Please help us as we are in deep, deep, deep financial need. Please take good care of our loved ones, plus the ones in Heaven I so miss: my son, I don't understand why he was only here until he was 25 years old; then my brother 52 years old, the next day. And that no one else will wreck my family; and that Cristina A. Please pray for Ken H., Cheryl, Carolyn, Terry, Janet, Ed, Gerrie, Alexis, Nancy, Tammy, Roy and Roy's mom. Lisa1/9/18: Please pray that I am allowed to keep my job that I love. Jude, please make me healthy; and whatever is going on with me stop today. For the conversion and healing of my entire family and our hearts, and for all the requests on this page. Lorena T.1/8/18: For my elderly dog's arthritis to be healed. I have been struggling with depression and suffering for the past 3 years. You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner. Teach me how to remain grateful when hardness strikes. Also pray that communication be restored between us and we can talk peacefully. Lamar/Kassie P.1/8/18: Please pray for my fiancé and our relationship, but mostly him and his loved ones, because my lies about being pregnant and then miscarrying will totally destroy him and completely break him. In her whole career she has never had bad evaluations for her performance. I pray that her supervisor appreciates how hard she works to please her. Carolyn1/6/18: My husband Joe is with another woman. That my daycare prospers full to capacity and that I am blessed with prosperity. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community. Mohan1/5/18: Please, please pray for the protection of my husband Vinod from all legal problems, court cases, and arrest. She is very caring and loving to me and others and I want that for her too. May I walk close with the Lord in this moment of difficulties, and for Him to show me a direction in life. He wants a meeting with my family because he wants a divorce. Please help me to pray for God to break these peoples’ evil plots and plans, to break all the evil chains they have over my husband. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide her thinking, so that her relationship with the Lord will be her priority in life. I’m struggling with fatigue and financial problems. I have been very ill over Christmas and New Year's and I am struggling with the pain and slow recovery. I ask that the Lord cover her with His Precious Blood and protect her from her surroundings. Cristina1/3/18: I am asking for prayer for my son Ruben who suffered from a drug addiction.

I have found out for myself that this is a toxic relationship. Pray we all get the help we need to be pure, holy, Godly folks and serve Jesus. Satan has filled her mind with lies and she has turned away from the Church. 's mental stability and depression to cease/be under control. Carol1/11/18: I would like to post my thanks to St. I pray for his continued intercession with regards to securing employment, and helping me to feel at peace regarding traumatic events that occurred years ago. Jude is amazing and has assisted me many times in my life. I thank you for the help I have received and pray you will continue to help me through difficult times. May God bless him with wisdom, strength, and confidence during his presentation, and may he pass the Viva Voce. Jaratin1/11/18: Heavenly Father, thank you for all that you have given me and my family. Clear his mind and be with him in all the difficulties that he has to deal with. He fought for his life after a gunshot wound to his head and was recovering from several surgeries. I’ve had three children murdered, my sister die, my two brother-in-laws die; please no more. I would again like also to ask for prayers for my son. I have had a sore throat for the last six months, and recently I got a bulge (mass) on back of my neck. At present he is taking advantage of the last member who still is communicating with him but is beside himself as to what to do now. Jennifer1/5/18: During my prenatal 1st scan, the doctor told my baby was measuring 1 week behind and told me I had a 50/50 chance and asked me to return back next week.

At the time I was engaged to another man, and Peter said you are going to be with me and said I will get you back no matter what it takes. Set us 3 free from this evil stronghold (K., J., A. too) and throw Ron into AA and drug/alcohol treatment; but also give me and kids provision, strength, empowerment to dump him and move far away. After 14 years of marriage, she has decided she wants a divorce and has filed. While I have not always the best husband, I was not the monster she thinks I am/was. Please pray for harmony and the ability to pay bills and have medical coverage. Jude, I have completed another 9 day novena to you. I pray that we may all live with peace in our hearts. Sue1/11/18: Dear Brothers and Sisters, please pray for my friend Nelson L. He is going to do his final oral presentation (Viva Voce) PHD research tomorrow. Lord, heal my son from all that he is going through in his life. Ella1/10/18: Please may I ask that my family and I don’t suffer any more. Elaine C.1/10/18: First of all, thank you for your prayers. Family members cannot help him, because of violence and blame.

Please pray for them to come back to the church without any more delays. They say she might be pregnant but, that it’s too early to see yet.

For all those speaking against this to be silenced. She goes back next week for another ultrasound, so we need prayers that they will be able to see the embryo in this next ultrasound. Tina1/2/18: First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.

IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO POST THE SAME PRAYER REQUEST MORE THAN ONCE ON ANY GIVEN DAY. She is always hearing voices telling her to do terrible things to herself. Please pray for a financial blessing to happen to me. Clinton1/10/18: Please pray for my eldest daughter Khrizelle to be enlightened, that she comes back to me as her mom and to her siblings. I can't bring him to a doctor due to lack of money. Wila1/10/18: Please pray for the healing of my mother, who is suffering from ovarian cancer 3rd stage, as per the Doctor's report; but I believe in my Lord and I know that he will make a miracle and protect my mother. Heather1/10/18: Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for your blessings. God, our Father, I am here again, begging you to please help my daughter Bernadette to pass the NPTE board exam, which she will take on January 24th. Bless me for this year 2018 with health, peace, faith, and trust in you, that you will bless all my prayers and let me keep the vision of life you give me. First of all I ask God for forgiveness of all my sins and mistakes, I want to live freely from them and follow his word and always have it in my heart. I especially pray for my children, that the Lord will guide them through the next phase in life. Lucy1/8/18: Please pray for my mother who is very sick. Let our faith grow and my children return to church. The water is going to be shut off and I have no money. Pat1/8/18: Please pray for my wife who is very depressed and is not sure how she can move forward with life. Her parents and sister are also encouraging her to get a divorce. I ask for prayers for my health and healing, and for my rehab from surgery and for my spiritual life. Prayer for the poor and needy and suffering and for our country and the leadership. I pray my grandchildren are safe, healthy, and happy. Please ease his anxieties and let him be received well by his new colleagues and co-workers. Maria1/7/18: Urgently pray for my brother, and send away all the evil which is hurting him and making him suffer. Louella A.1/7/18: Please pray for me that I may find peace, and guidance back to a path to self-sufficiency. I believe God will touch my brother and pour out his grace and mercy on him and bless him. Please come into her son’s heart, as he is a non-believer. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the good health of her son and parents. Sorry and thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. My sister had a dream that he was under an emotional attack. Also pray for my kids Mohan 6 years old and Mukesh, 5, to be protected from all evil things; and for our family’s salvation. Pray for my family for good health, happiness, and long life. I pray that my relationship with the man I love continues to grow and our bond strengthens. They are going through a rough time and are in desperate need for God’s help and guidance to make the right decisions and choices. Pray for them to be honest and live a life without lies. I am scared, tired, worried, and need real justice, peace, and love. I said, I want to visit you again when I have the chance and funding. Please pray for my family members from poverty and stagnation at one point for years May Good God bless you. In addition to sharing in each other's prayers, you will be prayed for by name at 3 o'clock by the Knight Director. Emergency room was Saturday for Art, Sunday for our dog, Shiloh emergency vet. I would like to ask for prayers, healing, and a complete recovery. We’ve been married for 3 months now but we’ve been together for almost 5 years. They hate me and they said they are going to break us apart.

Please note as well that due to the large volume of prayer requests we receive, we cannot publish more than one post for prayer requests from the same person on any given day, except for those requests involving emergencies. The voices get so loud in her mind that she literally cannot hear the outer world. And please pray for her, that nothing will happen to her due to Dengvaxia given to her. Please Lord, be with us in this trying times and heal my son. Thank you in advance for your prayers you do for everyone. Suy1/10/18: Please pray my friend passes his exam required for his job. Lord, I pray for continued blessings of good health and happiness. Please give her hope and confidence during the exam. Bless me financially, that I start on my own and help others. Let the Holy Spirit go at the present on my children Marie and Brice Jr. Let the Holy Spirit go at the present on my husband Brice Sr., and let the evil living in him go out and not destroy me. I ask God to help me heal all the wounds in my soul and Philip’s soul from all our past mistakes, I ask God to wash this relationship clean with the blood of Jesus Christ from all the enemy attacks. I ask for a miracle to heal and reunite me and Philip. They want to put her on palliative care and only gave her weeks to 6 months to live. Alma M.1/8/18: Please pray for my father Carmelo whose bladder cancer has returned. M.1/8/18: Father, thank you for all that you have given me and my family. Father, heal my son from all that he is going through in his life. Help him to find a girlfriend who loves him for who he is and that he can be happy. Bohdan1/8/18: That he turns from despair, and so do I. I am afraid he is going to die, and do not want either of us to get even worse. I try to help with the little I get but someone here in this household seems to think I can do it all. Jim1/8/18: Please pray for my daughter Celena as she comes closer to her delivery date, that she and her unborn daughter will have no complications; that they will both be strong and healthy when the time comes for Isabella Mae to join our family. Let the good in him continue to shine through, and any worry, frustration or irritability fall to the wayside. Marie1/7/18: I pray my husband finds gainful employment asap, being that he's been through a lot and we are struggling financially. Heal all of my mother’s pain and forgive me Lord for giving my mother pain. I have struggled for a couple of years and am becoming very tired. Ray1/7/18: 1) My virtues, spiritual life, and overall relationship with God; 2) My studies and my vocation; 3) My works as a Pro-Lifer, apologetics, etc. May God send the Holy Spirit to help and guide my daughter this enrollment period so that she can complete her units. Bring us together again into wholeness with your spirit. Please pray for my brother and also everyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Please Lord, give her back her strength and the will to live. Sheila1/5/18: I pray I don’t lose my home, properties. Pray that God delivers him from this and that everything will be ok. La Keisha1/5/18: Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favors, this time I ask for this special one. Heal my son from all that he is going through in his life and give him the courage, strength, guidance, and wisdom to continue his education and do well. To my husband Carmelo, to be faithful always and love me till death do us part. Letty1/5/18: I pray that God watches over my two teenage sons. I pray God watches over the man I love who is struggling with severe depression and anxiety. I pray that he understands I love him and will not hurt him. She is in the ICU fighting for her life.1/4/18: For my sobriety, for my family, for Cooper, for Kylee, and for Natalie. Also, help them find spouses to settle down with and live a happy and healthy life. I still want to visit you and hopefully to live there for my protection. For my granddaughter Baby Sofia, that she is a healthy happy baby, that there is nothing wrong with her legs or blood work. Thanks for joining with me in calling the Lord to remember me and my family, and grant my intentions through your prayers. No donations are ever necessary, but having masses offered for the Knights of Mercy is always welcome. Art also has a bad migraine, and his oxygen levels are low. Please pray that Jesus Christ, who is the Great Physician, will guide the surgeon's hands and that the Holy Spirit will be with me. Thank you so much and God Bless and answer everyone's prayers. They are using witchcraft to break us apart and they are succeeding.

She decided to return for the spring semester but has high anxiety because her roommates are bullying her and causing her to feel this way. I’m barley able to function and have serious anxiety myself because she feels so much pain and hurt. Please pray for love and light for them now, and for protection for them from all negative energy being projected towards them now. Prayers for the deceased of our families and for the poor and needy and suffering, and for our country and the leadership. Rennie1/11/18: Please pray for my dad Alfred who had open heart surgery as was doing well. Sheila1/11/18: Please pray for my father has he undergoes a prostatectomy on Friday. Sadie1/11/18: Dear Lord God, please help me and my two kids. Pray for peace, joy, unity, love and understanding among my parents. Let her open up and tell me what happened to our friendship. May the Lord grant me success and open more doors of job opportunities in my search. No one will comfort me in this time of loss and depression. The doctor said they can give him a try on a palliative chemotherapy treatment. Pray he moves from the detox facility into a rehab/sober living program.

Linda 1/9/18: Please pray for me, and the others in my building, that solutions are found so none of us lose our ability to live here. I also ask for prayers for all my children/grandchildren/spouse, all siblings and their children, for good health and prosperity this year. Mohan1/9/18: Please pray that my medical procedure today is successful and that I am kept safe throughout the procedure and after. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him.

Elizabeth1/9/18: Please help me in my prayers for my son, that he will focus more in school, and to be a more responsible person. Thank you, thank you, thank you, our Heavenly Father. Deepti1/9/18: Another day: please continue praying for my cousin Ruth and please let her tumors be gone in his name I pray. Pray that they would be surrounded by Godly counsel, and that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

As Pope Gregory the Great once wrote “He causes his prayers to be of more avail to himself who offers them also for others.” In other words, as our Lord said in Luke’s Gospel “Give and it shall be given to you” (Luke ). Jason1/12/18: Please pray for my brother who has a brain tumor. will be gone soon so that she will no longer bother and wreck a lot my family, especially my children. Joannaleen1/10/18: Please pray for my family and me. If this is not possible, please pray that I quickly find another job that I love as much.1/9/18: I know there are so many people in need. I have the flu right now and I would like to have some prayers for me. For my husband and brother- in-law to return to the faith. I love him and honestly thought I could give him that dream of a child he so wanted for so long but it hasn't happened. He already doesn't believe in God as I do, but believes in reincarnation. My wife is creating a nuisance for the purpose of money and royal life. Her supervisor does not like her and finds any reason to write her up. Her self-esteem is so low she is considering quitting the nursing field. So sad that one person can destroy someone's desire to help people get well. That my daycare earns 00 weekly paying ASAP and is never shut down; that employees are loyal to me coming to work on time, loving their jobs. I pray that the boils on my legs go away; my legs and my tail bone heals; continue to lose weight. Please pray for his protection always, and that he is not arrested. Anthony, please pray for the full recovery of money fraudulently gotten from my bank account on 30th Dec. Her husband suffered for a long time, and now I pray that he suffers no more and is at peace. Thank you for your prayers, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Help her to accept the healing and love that the Lord wants to give her, and pray that her love for God will increase. I know there’s so many others in far worse shape than me, but I’m alone and don’t reach out in times of hardship to others. Please pray for the strength to deal with this and for a more speedy recovery. Danielle1/3/18: Please pray my cancer is gone and my lung nodules are non malignant. That she look within and see the wrong and pain she is causing. I want him to be set free from this and all pain that he endures while in prison which I am not aware of.

And, as a popular saying goes “God cannot be outdone in generosity! Please forgive me of my sins and forgive her of her sins. He's depressed and having a hard time taking care of himself. Joe O'Brien will be very happy living in retirement in Ireland, that his general health will improve. Please pray that the medication will work very well in controlling the Dementia, please God. John from Ireland.1/12/18: Please pray for my friend so that she will find peace, direct her in the right direction about her job she was treated very unfair and financially help her. And at the same time I would like to know if there's anyone I can pray for it too. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 years ago and today I am cancer free from it but know my doctor told me I might have lung cancer. I just want him to know God and his love the way I do, but now I may have destroyed this for him. If not, please give her a new job that will make her happy. Please keep Vinod in your daily prayers for protection and long and happy life. Cheryl1/4/18: Please Lord, ease my mental illness and give my sisters and their loved ones comfort and faith in my well being, as well as Carlos, his family, and the Bridge agency. I ask they she may have a true conversion and come back to the faith. He has tried hard to let go and continues to lose control.

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